About Bauble

Bauble is a software application to help you (whoever you are) manage a collection of botanical specimens. It is intended to be used by botanic gardens, herbaria, arboreta, etc. to manage their collection information.

What am I looking at?

Bauble is a web app for managing plant collections; Bauble was born as a desktop application, and as such it has been briefly been updated and supported as bauble.classic, until the Bauble desktop application diverged so much from the Bauble web app that the maintainer of bauble.classic preferred to rename it to Ghini and to develop it further under that name. You may want to check out the Ghini web site.



The readthedocs web site currently hosts documentation for both bauble.classic and ghini.desktop. The bauble documentation site will soon describe bauble.web.

Bauble Development

You can visit the project page and browse the latest source code from github at Bauble/bauble.web or check it out with...

git clone https://github.com/Bauble/bauble.web.git

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why another collection manager application?
    At Belize Botanic Gardens we felt that the other collection management software was either too expensive, inadequate or only supported Windows so we decided to create our own.
  2. But why for free?
    We feel that current collection management software is overpriced especially for small institutions in developing countries. Biodiversity affects our entire world and everything that relies on it to live. To help protect such a fragile system the management of information related to biodiversity should not be restricted.
  3. I found a bug. What can I do about it?
    For bug reports, but also for technical and generic questions, get a github account and file a bug report here.


For more information about Bauble/Ghini or if you have any other questions and you do not want to get a github account, please write to bauble@googlegroups.com. A developer for either Bauble or Ghini will reply as soon as possible.

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